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Disposables THC vape pens or a Disposable vape (cartridge)  is an essential component of a rechargeable vape pens or vaporizer. The cartridge is linked to the vape pen’s vape battery. The 510 is the most common and universal disposable vape cartridge, and it must be connected to a reusable vape battery.

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Types Of Disposables Vape Pens

In the event of many disposable thc vape pens brands in the market, one get to be confuse of which one to choose from but not only that which Strain and flavors too.
Below, we have listed the various disposables Vape Pens strains

  • Disposables Hybrid Vape Pens: Good for seizure and pain relief actually
  • Disposables Indica Vape Pens: Good for anxiety, appetite and Pain relief
  • Disposables Sativa Vape Pens: This disposables vape pens are good for sleeping aid, pain relief and anxiety too.

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